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ZHIPAIJI LED Strip Buzzer Module WS2812 Programmable LED Board 100DB for NAZE32 F3 F4 F7 Flight Controller FPV Racing Drones Taillight (Color 2PCS)

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The 100DB alarm buzzer with WS2812 LED light is a high-quality accessory designed for NAZE32 F3 F4 F7 Flight Controller. With its compact size of 23*10*7mm and lightweight of 1.4g, it offers a convenient and portable solution for your flight controller needs.

The alarm buzzer emits a loud and clear sound of 100 decibels, ensuring that you can easily locate your drone even in noisy environments. It provides an added layer of security and helps prevent the loss of your valuable equipment.

The integrated WS2812 LED light adds a visually striking element to your drone. With programmable RGB colors, you can customize the light effects to suit your preferences or use it as a visual indicator for flight modes or battery status.

This buzzer is specifically designed to be compatible with NAZE32 F3 F4 F7 Flight Controller, ensuring seamless integration and easy installation. It is a reliable and essential accessory for both professional drone pilots and hobbyists alike.

Enhance your drone's functionality and safety with the 100DB alarm buzzer with WS2812 LED light. Order now and experience the convenience and peace of mind it brings to your drone flying adventures.


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